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Rikk Flohr - Fleeting Glimpse Images, LLC welcome you.. If you reached this page via a URL embedded in an image file, the copyright notice on the file will specify the copyright holder, rights reserved, and usage restrictions.  Public displays on screens or printing of these files without permission is strictly prohibited.

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Contact me at the email link on the bottom of this page for permission to use any image created by Rikk Flohr or Fleeting Glimpse Images, LLC in broadcast, public display, or print medias. Limited and unlimited use licenses are negotiated upon request.

Suspected Public Domain Images

If you suspect you have come across an image created by me that is missing a copyright notice or attribution, it is safe to assume that this image is being used illegally.  Please support the artist and report such occurrences when you find them to the email address listed below.

This is my livelihood. Thank you for respecting the artist's copyright.

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